Municipality Tax in UAE

Taxes on rented properties vary between the Emirates.

In Dubai, residential tenants pay 5% of their annual rent in rental tax, while 10% is added onto commercial tenants.

However, in Abu Dhabi, UAE citizens are not taxed on their properties, but their expat counterparts pay 5%.

In Sharjah, all tenants pay a rental tax of 2%.

The municipality tax is calculated as 5% of your rental contract’s value for all premises, with a minimum amount to pay of AED 450 per annum. Although the total fee applies from the first day of the rental contract, the annual fees are broken down into monthly installment to make payments easier.

How To Calculate Your Municipality Tax

  • Your annual rental x 5% ÷ 12
  • If your annual rental is 100.000 dhs
  • Your tax will be 100.000 x 5% ÷12 =416.67 per month

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