Do’s and Don’ts

As the date for the registration of VAT gets closer, here are a few things to keep in mind when you are registering for VAT:


  • Read the FTA guides on registration, you can find them here
  • Pls collect all the documents required as per the guide before registering
  • Check all individual attachments to be loaded are lesser than 2mb
  • While creating account with FTA, care should be taken that the responsible person contact details are given, as all official communication with FTA will be sent to the contact details
  • While entering details, due care should be taken to enter the correct details. In case some corrections have to be made on previous tabs, the data will have to be re-entered from that point onwards
  • While registering, pls save your work on each tab
  • Please enter accurate details, in case not sure seek professional help. Incorrect details/declarations might expose you to penalties


  • Don’t assume the requirements, seek professional help wherever required
  • Delay the registration process beyond the deadline specified 4th Dec 2017
  • Register for Tax Groups without performing a proper review of legal structure, intercompany transactions, and system compatibility

View our page on UAE VAT Registration and KSA VAT Registration for more information.