ZATCA: Taxpayers to expedite Preparation for E-billing Requirements into effect on Dec 4, 2021

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Riyadh – November 7, 2021:

The Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority (ZATCA) has called on taxpayers subject to the electronic billing regulation, to expedite the necessary preparation in line with the first phase of E-Invoicing requirements, with only days remaining to come into force on December 4, 2021.

The authority stressed that establishments are to completely stop using handwritten invoices or invoices written on computers through text editors or number analysis programs, and ensure there is a technical solution for E-invoicing compatible with its requirements. The requirements also include the issuance and preservation of electronic invoices with all elements, including the QR code for simplified tax invoices, and the tax number of the buyer registered in the VAT for tax invoices, in addition to including the invoice address, according to the issued type.

The authority said that taxpayers subject to electronic invoicing can view the non-binding indicative list for providers of technical solutions for electronic invoicing, in order to choose the appropriate technical solution as per size of the facility and the type of sector.

**It’s not clear from the list that the provision of electronic billing solutions is limited to them, but the taxpayer is considered legal when he meets the requirements using any technical solution.

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