ZATCA Encourages Individuals to Pay Zakat via Zakaty

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Riyadh April 10, 2023:

Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority (ZATCA) encouraged individuals to pay their Zakat voluntarily via Zakaty App from their smartphones or via their service website (

This online service provides the ability to calculate the payable Zakat of various types. This Zakat includes funds, gold, silver, stocks, investment funds and lands along with an invoice for the transaction. In addition, it serves the function of reminding about the Zakat due date. Also as the App is connected to Global gold and silver rates it helps in calculating gold Zakat as per its purity through a specific algorithm.

ZATCA clarified that zakat amounts provided by Zakaty exceeded SAR 431 million as of now since the service was launched 6 years ago. ZATCA confirmed that all amounts provided through Zakaty were used by the beneficiaries who are registered in the Social Insurance at the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development. The Zakat is directed to the selected categories through the App.

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