ZATCA: 90 Days Left for the Enforcement of E-Invoicing Phase I

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Riyadh- September 13, 2021:

Taxpayers who are subject to the E-invoicing regulations are urged to start the necessary preparations within their organizations to comply with the requirements of Phase One of E-invoicing ‘FATOORA’ that will be enforced in 90 days.

The authority clarified the requirements of Phase One:

  • Stopping the generation of handwritten or typed invoices through text editing software or figure analysis software
  • Ensuring the availability of an e-invoicing system or solution that is complaint with the requirements published by the authority.

The requirements to comply also include generating and storing e-invoices with all its elements, including the QR code for simplified tax invoice, the buyer’s tax registration number registered in VAT for the tax invoices, and invoice title in accordance to the generated tax invoice.

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