We must ensure smooth VAT implementation

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Bahrain being part of GCC, is obliged to comply and apply the VAT treaty which came to face and absorb some difficulties. First, it is better to mention that the new VAT is of certain features including, among other things, a small rate of five per cent compared with 17 to 20pc in developed countries including Germany, France and the UK. Also, the exemption of many essential products and services “zero rated” from the VAT. I believe, such strategy is intended due to the absence of taxation culture in the region.

This year, the implementation of VAT in Bahrain, is in progress but not free from obstacles. Including, some companies are yet to complete IT systems, train staff, comprehend the process, registration issues, VAT return process and confusion over tax invoices. Moreover, other related issues have started as consequence to VAT, namely prices increase to face VAT. Such points need time to settle and firm actions are required. By all means, costs rationalisation is needed and there should be regulations to supervise and control the market to escape adverse consequences due to VAT.