VAT TRN is sufficient, no need to ask fro VAT Certificate

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The FTA has urged businesses to conduct transactions on the basis of TRN (Tax Registration Number) and not to insist on VAT Certificates.

Many businesses that did not meet the deadline for registration have been issued with provisional TRN and as such are not able to download the VAT certificate from the FTA site.  In light of these business partners may conduct business on the basis of TRN and not have to insist on VAT Certificates.

The Federal Tax Authority, FTA, has confirmed that businesses are not required to present a tax certificate in order to conduct their commercial activities and can simply use their Tax Registration Number, TRN.

In a statement issued on Saturday, the Authority called on all businesses and stakeholders in the UAE to carry out commercial or other transactions using TRNs provided by businesses, urging them not to require tax certificates in order to ensure smooth operations and minimise disruption of work.