VAT regulations maintain real estate investment competitiveness

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The Federal Tax Authority, FTA, has called on persons dealing with commercial real estate to apply the basic Value Added Tax, VAT, rate of five percent on all sales and rent of such properties, urging buyers to pay the due VAT before proceeding with the transfer of ownership.

In a press statement issued today, the FTA stressed that tax laws had specifically aimed to provide a suitable environment for the continued growth and prosperity of the real estate sector – one of the most important economic sectors in the government’s plans to diversify sources of income, and one of the most attractive sectors for investors.

“With the exception of selling unrented commercial property and rental contracts for commercial units, all other property is either not subject to or exempt from the five percent VAT rate on businesses,” Al Bustani noted, adding that rented commercial property is not considered a supply when sold to Taxable Persons.

The Authority went on to explain that the sale of unrented commercial properties, or off-plan selling of commercial properties, is subject to five percent VAT, as is the rental of commercial property. However, taxes paid on the property’s expenses during a given rent period can be recovered through the Tax Return of the tenant if he/she is registered and entitled to a refund. It is also possible to recover the entirety of taxes incurred on construction that is purchased according to the capital assets system if the cost of the property is more than five million dirhams.