VAT refund decision strengthens Abu Dhabi as ‘destination of distinction,’ says Ghobash

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Following the UAE Cabinet decision to implement the value added tax refund system for tourists, Saif Saeed Ghobash, Under-Secretary of DCT Abu Dhabi, said that the decision will provide “further impetus” to Abu Dhabi’s strategy to position the emirate as “a visitor-friendly destination of distinction.”

In a statement, Ghobash added, “The UAE in general, and Abu Dhabi specifically, will now have this added significant attraction to all types of tourists and business travellers, reinforcing the emirate’s position as a ‘go-to’ destination and further boosting potential visitor numbers.

“This new directive in is line with the UAE’s efforts to implement an efficient tax system in the emirates. It will directly support the growth of our tourism sector.”

“It will also work in concert with the recently announced reduction in tourism and municipality fees, which means that accommodation costs will be reduced across the emirate. Together, these directives strengthen Abu Dhabi’s position as a destination that affords the warmest of Arabian welcomes to the world,” he continued.

Commenting on the announcement, Sultan Al Mutawa Al Dhaheri, Executive Director of the Tourism Sector at the Department, said, “The announcement of this VAT refund directive is great news for visitors planning a trip to explore our extraordinary emirate. Already firmly established as an attractive and unique distinction, this will positively impact our global appeal. Future visitors will now feel the direct impact of this decision in their travel budgets, meaning they can potentially stay longer, explore further and experience more while they are here. Our extensive touristic and cultural offerings are now even more affordable and accessible than before.

“The tourism sector in Abu Dhabi has witnessed a significant growth in terms of visitors and offerings, in line with the development of leisure and cultural attractions in the capital,” Al Dhaheri said, adding that this new directive will guarantee “steady growth rates, especially with this year’s promising results thus far.”

“Tourists and visitors will be encouraged to stay in Abu Dhabi for longer periods, enjoy more tourist experiences and benefit from attractive offers with wide choices and competitive prices,” he concluded.