VAT Digital Economy Guide

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The National Bureau for Revenue (NBR) has published a guide that mainly focuses on educating the public on the VAT treatment of e-commerce and the VAT treatment of electronic services. ‘The VAT Digital Economy Guide’ aims to educate the public about the application of VAT on e-commerce and electronic services. The document sets out the general principles of Value Added Tax (VAT) in relation to the digital economy sector in the Kingdom.

The main aim of the document is to provide the reader with an overview of the VAT rules and procedures in the Kingdom in relation to the digital economy sector and how to comply with them if required. It also explains the necessary background and guidance to help determine how supply is treated for VAT purposes.

“This guide is intended to provide general information only and contains the current views of the National Bureau for Revenue (NBR) on its subject matter. “No responsibility is assumed for the VAT laws, rules or regulations in the Kingdom. “This guide is not a legally binding document and does not commit the National Bureau for Revenue or any taxpayer in respect of any transaction.

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