UAE Federal Tax Authority launches smart app to help consumers detect non-compliant tobacco products

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UAE- June 17, 2021:

As part of its ongoing efforts to protect consumers from commercial fraud and combat tax evasion with various mechanisms, the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) of the UAE has launched an innovative smart application for consumer’s use. This latest technology allows consumers to scan the digital tobacco products and detect illegal products so that they can be reported to the FTA through the application.

The application has been launched under the banner, “Monitor yourself, fight fraud”. The users can install the app, known as ‘FTA DTS’, on their smartphones via the Apple Store and Google Play.

The FTA explained that the application enables consumers to scan the stamps placed on the tobacco packages or tobacco products to verify and ensure that it is an Authority accredited digital tax stamp. Should the consumer discover that the stamps are not accredited, they can file a report to the FTA directly from the smart application. The Authority will then cooperate with the relevant authorities to take legal actions against violators.

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