Saudi GAZT launches a Value-Added Tax Guide for E-Shops

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Riyadh May 17, 2022:

The General Authority of Zakat and Tax (GAZT) launched an interactive guide to educated online stores about the requirements of value-added tax. The guide will further enable e-storeowners to abide by their duties related to value-added tax and guide them on how to register, file a declaration and pay the due tax.

The guide outlines electronic stores as those operating through independent websites, social media platforms, smartphone applications, or instant chat applications.

The guide also does clarify the obligations of online store owners whose annual sales exceed 375,000 riyals annually before the Zakat and Income Authority. It includes registering for value-added tax, displaying the tax certificate in the online store, and filing tax returns on time.

View the Value-Added Tax Guide for E-Shops in Arabic.

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