Registration for ‘Tax Refunds for Tourists scheme’ is now open

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Committed to ensuring the proper implementation of the UAE’s tax laws, maintaining the country’s Reputation as a pioneer and strengthening its international competitiveness, the Federal Tax Authority  (FTA) has announced that registration for the Tax Refunds for Tourist Scheme is now open for retailers, As per Cabinet Decision No.(41) of 2018 on introducing the Tax Refunds for Tourists Scheme. Those wishing to register for the Scheme, operated by Planet on behalf of the FTA, must meet a set of Specific terms and conditions.

Terms and conditions for Retailers to Register:

  1. Be registered with the Federal tax Authority and hold a valid Tax Registration Number for VAT Purposes.
  2. Be a seller of goods that are not excluded from refund as determined by the Federal Tax Authority.
  3. Submit an application to join the scheme as determined by the Federal Tax Authority and be Subject to a credit check by the operator.
  4. Regularly submit VAT returns and settle payable tax to the FTA.

Retailers who meet the necessary requirements can register through the retailers’ Registration link:

They can also register through the FTA website by clicking on: Paying Tax >> VAT >>Tourist Refund Scheme