Qatar : GTA announces Detection of Tax Evasion Cases

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Doha February 17, 2023:

General Tax Authority’s (GTA) Revenue Protection Team have identified tax evasion cases in the region by a group of individuals and companies. The GTA’s investigations revealed that two companies operating in the contracting sector had committed acts that constitute tax evasion crimes. The GTA has taken the necessary measures by referring these companies to Public Prosecution for legal action and to recover the evaded amounts, a total of QR 24 million, in addition to the penalties and fines stipulated by applicable laws.

The competent court has issued convictions against both the companies and their authorized signatory partner. GTA referred that tax evasion is a serious impediment to tax systems worldwide, adding that such criminal practices harm the national economy and compromise equality and fair opportunities among taxpayers while eroding the competitive advantage of compliant companies. Moreover, the GTA reiterated its commitment to combat tax evasion and take legal action against anyone guilty of such crimes.

The GTA is taking proactive measures across all its departments to foster voluntary tax compliance and enhance community confidence in the tax system. These ongoing efforts aim to minimize tax evasion and create an environment of greater tax compliance. Finally, GTA urges all taxpayers to strictly comply with the provisions and procedures outlined in the tax laws to avoid any potential legal consequences.

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