Purchase of gold and jewellery now subject to VAT

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The Kingdom of Bahrain is imposing a new VAT (value-added tax), making it the third Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) member state to impose VAT, following the UAE and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The initial rate of VAT in Bahrain is 5%.

The purchase of gold and silver jewellery and the charges paid for making of the jewellery would be subject to VAT. Pearls and gemstones are, at least for now, exempt from VAT. According to Diamond World, during the last week of December “there was pre-VAT rush in gold jewellery shops” as consumers enjoyed the last days of pre-VAT prices.

As for penalties, failing to register within the required period for more than 60 days will be penalised a maximum 10,000 Bahraini Dinar ($26,527). Failing to submit a VAT return or not making a payment within the required period will be penalized between 2.5%-5% of the due tax amount.