Over 1,300 local and international vendors registered for the VAT

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The National Bureau for Taxation (NBT) today announced that over 1,300 local and international vendors have registered for the Value Added Tax (VAT).

• In line with NBT’s efforts to expand VAT awareness, the Call Centre has efficiently responded to over 7,000 VAT related queries.

• Consumers are reminded that all registered vendors are legally required to display their VAT registration certificate, which includes vendors’ Commercial Registration number and their VAT registration date, prior to levying the 5% VAT.

• Consumers are also encouraged to verify taxpayers’ registration status through the recently introduced Taxpayer Lookup tool accessible on prior to paying the 5% VAT charge.

• The NBT continues to support consumers and investors with all aspect of the VAT, and invites all stakeholders to take advantage of the information available online ( and on NBT’s social media accounts (@BahrainNBT) in addition to calling and emailing the Call Centre on 80080001 or for further queries.