OTA: Taxpayer Services conducts Tax Awareness Campaigns through Field visits

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Muscat July 29, 2022:

For those subject to VAT in the Governorate of Muscat the Auditor Services Department of the Tax Authority launched awareness campaigns on the importance of tax compliance from 24 July to 18 August.

Specialists from the Working Group carried out awareness-raising campaigns in the Auditor Services of the Tax Authority on 24 July by visiting a number of shops in the state of Muttrah. They provided subjects with necessary information on the accurate methods of recording tax and the timely submission of tax returns through the electronic portal of the tax authority.

During the awareness drive, brochures and manuals on tax laws were also distributed. These manuals also explain the step-by-step process to clear all tax transactions in their electronic system.

The widespread campaign contributes to raising awareness of the importance of tax compliance and also helps ease the completion of tax transaction.

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