NBR to Prevent the Import of Hookah Tobacco Products without Digital Stamps

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Manama March 4, 2023:

The National Bureau of Revenue (NBR), in cooperation with De La Rue International Ltd., successfully completed the first phase of applying the distinctive mark system (digital stamps) on hookah tobacco products (Moassel). Under this control system, digital stamps containing security codes are placed on the excise goods to track them from the manufacturing stage to the point of consumption, which helps reduce illegal trade and prevent the circulation of counterfeit products.

The NBR indicated that registration in the digital stamp system is concerned with selective importers of hookah tobacco products (Moassal), manufacturers and related institutions in the supply chain starting from production and import until offering products in the local markets in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The agency stressed the importance of the first phase of implementing the system which began on November 20, 2022, and is concerned with receiving requests to purchase digital stamps by those subject to selectivity registered with the agency, through the electronic system designated for that, while allowing the trading of products that do not contain digital stamps in the markets.

The importance of complying with this stage is to ensure the readiness of importers before March 19, 2023 for the second stage, in which importers must ensure that all products arriving at the ports of the Kingdom of Bahrain for customs clearance bear digital stamps.

The last stage is the application stage within local markets, where it is prohibited at this stage to possess, trade, sell or supply any hookah tobacco products that do not contain digital stamps from June 18, 2023.

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