NBR: October 16 marks Application of Last Phase of DTS in Bahrain

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Manama October 12, 2022:

The National Revenue Authority (NBR) confirmed that October 16, 2022 marks the last phase of application of the distinctive mark system (digital stamps) on cigarette products. The decision was implemented based on decision No. 3 of 2022 of the CEO of the National Revenue Authority, where all cigarette products available for sale must be mandatorily marked with digital tags for trading, sourcing, or holding in local markets.

The agency called on all importers and traders in the local markets to deal in appropriate quantities and avoid storing large quantities of cigarettes that do not bear digital stamps. This was in order to clear the stock before the last stage and prepare for the ban of sale, circulation, possession or supply of cigarettes without stamps.

It is worth noting that the digital stamp system aims to track the movement of selective excise related goods from the manufacturing stage to the point of sale for consumption. The system helps combat the smuggling of goods and illegal trade and also helps protect consumers from poor quality and counterfeit products alike, while ensuring effective collection of tax proceeds by the government.

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