Bahrain: National Bureau for Revenue (NBR) releases Manual on Tax Stamps

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Manama August 9, 2022:

The National Bureau for Revenue (NBR) has issued a detailed manual on Tax Stamp for domestic importers and local manufacturers. The Digital Stamp Scheme is a supervisory system to track excise goods from the manufacturing stage to the point of consumption to limit smuggling instances within the Kingdom of Bahrain, thereby reducing the possibility of Excise evasion.

The manual provides clarity on the digital tax stamp on excise products in the country. It contains the following:

  • An overview of the Kingdom of Bahrain’s excise rules and procedures in regard to the Digital Stamps Scheme.
  • The necessary guidance needed to navigate the Digital Stamps Scheme online portal and the process of ordering and tracking digital stamps from the perspective of an importer of excise products.

NOTE: The manual intends to provide general information only and does not represent exhaustive or legally binding guidelines. For more information as case, you may directly contact National Bureau for Revenue (NBR) via email

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