NBR holds workshops along with its first demo center to educate vendors

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The National Bureau for Revenue (NBR) held two workshops today for retail and wholesale vendors followed by an interactive demo center providing on-spot assistance and information regarding VAT, at the Ministry of Finance and National Economy.

The VAT demo center is designed to provide vendors with a live step-by-step guide on VAT readiness, and is part of the NBR’s efforts in ensuring the correct implementation of VAT within the Kingdom of Bahrain.

140 representatives from various retail and wholesale vendors attended two workshops that provided a general overview on VAT, sector specific content, invoicing and filing requirements, as well as a question and answer session, to ensure they are well informed on relevant VAT concepts.

The workshops were followed by access to the live demo center that provided an interactive experience on technicalities of VAT to ensure vendor readiness on VAT application.

The workshops and demo center are part of the NBR’s commitment to increase public and private stakeholders’ awareness and transparency regarding the treatment of the VAT across all sectors.

The NBR highlighted the importance of spreading awareness on VAT technicalities at this initial phase, given that companies with an annual revenue of BHD 500,000 to BHD 5,000,000 are set to register for VAT by June of this year.