NBR Bans Circulation of Shisha Tobacco Products without Digital Stamps from June 18, 2023

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Manama July 14 2023:

The National Bureau of Revenue (NBR) calls on all importers and traders in the local markets to deal in appropriate quantities and not to store shisha tobacco products (molasses) that do not carry digital stamps, so that the stock is liquidated before the set date of June 18, 2023.

This is in preparation for the commitment to prohibit the possession, circulation, supply or sale of any of Hookah tobacco products that do not contain digital stamps in local markets. Therefore, after the set date, any product in the supply chain will either be destroyed or transported outside the territory of the Kingdom of Bahrain if it does not carry a valid and activated digital stamp.

It is worth noting that the digital tax stamp is a control system whereby a dedicated stamp containing security features and codes are placed on excise goods in order to track them from the manufacturing stage to the point of consumption. This systems aims at reducing illegal trade and protecting consumers against the circulation of unlicensed and counterfeit products.

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