Majalis Abu Dhabi conducts Awareness Session on VAT Refund to UAE Nationals on building new residences

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Abu Dhabi September 1, 2022:

As part of the lecture series at Majalis Abu Dhabi at the President’s Court, the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) held an awareness session that was broadcast live on Majalis Abu Dhabi’s Instagram account on the procedure for UAE nationals to recover the Value Added Tax (VAT) incurred on building their new residences. The session was broadcast live on Majalis Abu Dhabi’s Instagram account.

The session was held remotely, bringing Emirati citizens together with a team of experts from the FTA who explained the process for refunding VAT to UAE citizens on the construction of their new residences.

Speakers at the session clarified the steps to be taken to recover VAT through the FTA’s e-Services, starting with submitting the refund request with all supporting documents, all the way to receiving the refund amount by bank transfer to the applicant’s account.

During the session, the FTA’s team of experts outlined the criteria for submitting a VAT refund request incurred on the construction of new residences by UAE citizens, explaining the steps needed to create and verify an e-Services account for new users, as well as how to create a special refund requests account. The team also outlined how to submit and track a refund request, the deadline for submission, and the required documents. They also highlighted which potential applicants are eligible to recover VAT on their new homes, as well as which taxes are refundable.

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