Key VAT issues in spotlight

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The Bahrain British Business Forum (BBBF) and BDO hosted a meeting at the Gulf Hotel Convention Centre to discuss the upcoming introduction of VAT in Bahrain. The meeting featured BDO Bahrain’s VAT specialists Smita Roy, BDO Partner (leader VAT), and Marlon Appleton, BDO senior manager (VAT), as guest speakers.

More than 130 BBBF members were given a presentation by Ms Roy and Mr Appleton, who provided latest information from the Finance Ministry about the implementation of VAT in Bahrain on January 1, 2019. They also shared their experience from the implementation and practice of VAT in Saudi Arabia, the UAE and the UK.

Ms Roy said: “With the VAT implementation just weeks away, it is critical for businesses in Bahrain to understand that VAT will impact every aspect of business from transactions, processes, documentation to people; and it is vital they be ready and prepared for the change. While this indirect tax system is new to Bahrain, VAT regime has been in place in various countries for quite some time and BDO’s VAT experts with their rich experience can provide comprehensive support to companies in navigating the VAT journey in Bahrain.”

“To avoid many of the pitfalls experienced by businesses in Saudi Arabia and the UAE, it is important for businesses to have an action plan for VAT readiness to ensure smooth transition to VAT. The readiness measures should be effectively deployed to avoid last minute chaos,” added Mr Appleton.