Income tax to be introduced in Oman: Ministry

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Dubai- November 4, 2020:

Oman is said to be weighing up plans to introduce income tax on high earners in 2022 as part of the finance ministry’s 2020-2024 economic scheme, as the Gulf state seeks to restore finances battered by low oil prices.

The plan aims to bring Oman’s fiscal deficit down to 1.7 per cent of gross domestic product by 2024, from a preliminary deficit of 15.8 per cent this year.It also has a target of increasing non-oil revenues to 35 per cent of total government revenue by 2024, from 28 per cent this year.

“The government recognizes the need to strengthen the Sultanate’s revenue-raising framework by decreasing its reliance on hydrocarbon revenues,” it said in its bond prospectus.

“The initiative is under study and all aspects of its application are being considered. It is expected to apply the tax in 2022,” the 2020-2024 medium term economic balance document said.

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