How to claim VAT refund for Tourist?

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Tourist leaving the country can claim the VAT refund within 90 days from the date of purchase.

You will receive 85% of the tax paid, minus a fee of 5 AED per Tax Free tag validated. Tax Free tags are stuck to every invoice that you obtain.

There are two counters for claiming the refund. One in the checkin area and the other past immigration. The check-in area counter can process refunds of bills upto 8000 AED and can refund to your credit card directly. If you need cash, you can process the claim at this counter, but to obtain the refund in cash you must go past immigration and collect in US Dollars from Travelex counter.

To claim for bills of value over 8000 AED you are expected to carry and show the item at the counter after immigration in the terminal. They will follow the similar method of directly crediting your card or collect cash from Travelex.

You will not get the full VAT refunded as you are supposed to get only 85% refund, plus pay 5 AED for the tag placed on your bill and the exchange fee to convert to US dollars.

Planet is the official agent for processing refunds and has counters in the check in area, and inside the airport.

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