UAE makes DTS mandatory for waterpipe, e-cigarette products from 2021

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Abu Dhabi- December 23, 2020:

The Federal Tax Authority has announced that as of 1st January 2021, it will not be permitted to sell, supply, transport, store or possess any type of water pipe tobacco or electrically heated cigarettes in the UAE unless they bear the Digital Tax Stamp (DTS). All those concerned must strictly comply.

This distinctive mark system for tobacco products is a regulatory program which supports the state’s efforts to combat the illicit trade in tobacco products across the country. The program requires tobacco manufacturers, suppliers and concerned parties to comply with procedures for placing custom digital tax stamps on tobacco products, including water pipe tobacco and electrically heated cigarettes rolls. This is done to monitor and track their movement from manufacturer to the point of consumption.

The DTS system helps the FTA “improve its ability to collect excise tax charged” on such products on being imported or manufactured locally. It also enables “stakeholders to analyze the supply chain to better control illicit tobacco products”.

In addition, the DTS system allows for the implementation of compliance standards. Visit

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