FTA urges tax agents to comply with standards

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The Federal Tax Authority, FTA, has called on tax agents to comply with the five ‘Professional Standards for Tax Agents’, published in a new guide on the subject, in all of their transactions to ensure uninterrupted activity.

The new guide was issued through the FTA’s official website, offering a detailed explanation of the standards and conditions required for practising the profession of tax agent in the UAE.

In the new guide, the FTA offered a detailed explanation of the five professional standards that should be met by tax agents, noting that a system has been put in place to track and ensure compliance with these standards.

The system relies on three methods, first of which is reviewing the timeliness and accuracy of the taxable persons’ returns if they have appointed a tax agent. The second approach is monitoring requests for clarifications and other correspondence with the FTA sent by tax agents, to ensure that their professional and technical knowledge meets the level expected of them under the outlined professional standards. The FTA has accredited 357 tax agents who meet the technical standards, conditions and qualifications required, and who have passed the exams set by the Authority.