FTA to launch a New Integrated Platform⁠—EmaraTax

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Dubai October 11, 2022:

FTA announced that a new platform will be launched in November this year following an extensive period of assessment, consultation and development. EmaraTax represents a major milestone in the FTA’s ambition to be a leading digitalised tax administration system in full recognition of the UAE’s national digital agenda.

EmaraTax will significantly enhance the way taxpayers access the services of FTA, pay their taxes and obtain refunds. The new platform also greatly enhances the ability to administer taxes in the UAE, enables better, faster decision-making and earlier engagement with taxpayers in need of support.

Offering online access to a larger number of services, a simplified and streamlined user experience and extensive self-help options, EmaraTax offers a range of significant enhancements. Individual taxpayers, tax agents, legal representatives, foreign missions and diplomats, customs bodies and verification agencies will all benefit from the range of developments.

The new platform is a modern tax administration ecosystem that integrates with other influential government entities such as the UAE Central Bank and national technology-based programs including UAE PASS to make best use of common data and simplify the range of user processes from logging-in to compiling tax returns. Importantly EmaraTax is mobile-ready and the App will be launched shortly after the new platform goes live in November 2022.

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