FTA simplifies VAT refund procedures for UAE nationals building new residences

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Khalid Ali Al Bustani, the Director-General of the Federal Tax Authority, FTA, has announced that procedures to reclaim Value Added Tax, VAT, for UAE nationals who are building new residences have been simplified with electronic procedures.

The announcement was made today through a press release that detailed the latest updates on the VAT refund process for UAE nationals building new residences. Al Bustani said the FTA was committed to adhering to the vision of the UAE’s wise leadership to develop a modern housing system and to deliver the best standards of life and well-being within the framework of care that the state provides, as the focus of development plans and as part of the basic objectives of all initiatives and projects carried out by state institutions.

Al Bustani said, “The happiness of UAE citizens is the top priority for the Federal Tax Authority. We are committed to implementing our services through the most advanced, innovative, and easy-to-use digital systems.”