FTA publishes a Guide on ‘Excise Stock Movement For Warehouse Keepers not Registered for Excise Tax’

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Dubai September 15, 2022:

A Public Clarification was published on August 2022 by the FTA on ‘Excise Stock Movement Guide For Warehouse Keepers who are not Registered for Excise Tax’.

This guide helps Warehouse Keepers (WHK) understand their responsibilities of holding a warehouse in a Designated Zone (DZ) in the UAE and navigate the e-Services portal from a systems perspective. It further throws lights on the following aspects:

  • The process of declaring Excise Goods that belong to Excise taxpayers that are held in the Designated Zone beginning January, 2021.
  • Assist in understanding the Excise Tax compliance obligations that Warehouse Keepers have to comply with.
  • An overview of the declaration forms that need to be filed by the Warehouse Keeper of Designated Zones in the UAE holding stock of Excise taxpayers and explanation of the icons and symbols included in the forms.

The sections of the guide offer a detailed explanation about the declaration forms and who, how and when a Warehouse Keeper should complete and submit them to the FTA.