FTA meets 20 accredited tax agents, calls for greater compliance

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Khalid Ali Al Bustani, Director-General of the Federal Tax Authority, FTA, held a meeting with 20 accredited tax agents to discuss their duties in terms of spreading awareness among businesses, supporting them in complying with the tax system, and strengthening the relationship between the FTA and taxable persons.

The meeting went on to explore the means of increasing cooperation and coordination among all stakeholders in order to increase compliance and spread awareness around the tax system, its principles, and ways to implement and monitor it. Furthermore, the tax agents were introduced to the support services provided by the Authority to help taxpayers comply with the laws while ensuring minimum impact on their activities.

“The tax agent’s profession requires advanced qualifications, know-how, competencies and practical experience in order to be able to perform his/her role with accuracy, and to meet stringent standards,” asserted Al Bustani, adding that tax agents registered with the FTA can be assigned to any person or entity for the purpose of representing them with the Authority, and assisting them in carrying out their obligations and exercising their tax rights.