FTA released public clarification VATP024 on bad debt relief adjustment

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Dubai- April 6, 2021:
FTA has published a public clarification VAT P024 on bad debt relief adjustment. The key points of VATP024 are as follows:

  • In the event a supplier does not receive payment from the customer, the supplier may adjust the output vat on the bad debt subject to certain conditions as follows.

– VAT charged and accounted for on the supply (to FTA via tax returns).
– Consideration should have been written off in full or part.
– A duration of six months should have passed from the date of supply.
– Supplier has notified the customer that the amount has been written off.

  • Bad debt relief can only be taken to the extent of consideration written off in the accounts.
  • During the six months period, FTA considers that supplier should engage with customer to recover the debt.
  • The supplier is required to notify the customer and communicate via a letter, email or post to the customer stating the amount of consideration that has been written off. The notification to the customer for the write-off must include:

– Invoice number and date of invoice which has not been paid.
– Amount of consideration which has been written off.

  • It may not be necessary to obtain an acknowledgment from the customer. However, it is prudent to retain the evidence of having sent the notification.
  • The adjustment on account of bad debt relief should be made in the “Adjustment column” of Box 1 of the VAT Return. The adjustment amount should be the VAT amount only

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