FTA Accepts Requests for Refunding Input Tax incurred on Operating Mosques

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Abu Dhabi April 27, 2023:

The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) has begun accepting refund requests for Value Added Tax (VAT) incurred on operating mosques via its EmaraTax digital tax services platform, in line with the Cabinet Decision on Refund of Input Tax Incurred on the Construction and Operation of Mosques and the Ministerial Decision in that regard, which has gone into effect and applies to all mosques around the UAE.

Refund requests must be submitted within the set deadlines, in accordance with the date when the mosque in question started being operated by the applicant who submitted said request.

In a press statement, the FTA indicated that with regards to requests to refund VAT collected on building and operating mosques, the Decision specified the period from April to September 2023 where the FTA will receive tax refund requests on the operation of mosques that began operating before 1 January 2022, covering the years 2018 to 2022. Meanwhile, between October and December 2023, the Authority will be receiving tax refund requests on the operation of mosques that began operating on or after 1 January 2022, covering the year 2022.

The Authority went on to explain that all mosques must submit tax refund requests on their operation for any given year after 2022 between January and April of the following year.

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