Complete VAT guidance on the tax portal of Sultanate of Oman

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Muscat- April 25, 2021:

Oman Tax Authority has released guides on online registration and a list of most asked questions on VAT on their portal.


  • VAT Law Translation

VAT Regulations

  • VAT Regulation unofficial english version

Registration Forms

  • VAT Registration Application – For Resident no CRN
  • VAT Registration Application – For Non Resident

Manual Guides and FAQ’s

  • VAT – Individuals – FAQ
  • Information Sheet
  • VAT – Business – FAQ
  • Determining Food Items subject to Value Added Tax at Zero Rate
  • Determining the Mandatory and Voluntary Registration Thresholds
  • Determining the VAT Registration due Dates and Effective Dates
  • VAT Transitional Registration Guide
  • VAT Registration Manual Guide – Persons with CRN
  • Guide on VAT Non Resident Application

Click here to view the guides.