Blockchain can help VAT

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Blockchain, the revolutionary technology which has been steadily gaining popularity in recent years can greatly help in the implementation and management of VAT, according to an expert While VAT is expected to boost revenue for the government, it comes with challenges related to TAX collection as well as issues related to companies that may try to evade taxes. Both issues can be addressed with the use of VAT, says a leading IT expert.

According to Yaqoob AlAwadhi, NGN International CEO, blockchain can help facilitate tax collection without added costs of intermediaries. He said that blockchain can cut VAT administration costs by eliminating the need for third-party intermediaries: agents, escrow, trusted banks, and many others that according to him “slows down the entire transaction process”. “Blockchain is a safe and effective tool for the management of value-added tax. This technology would contribute to reducing the costs of managing Tax and accelerate its collection by 80 per cent,” he said.

He urged the government to be a pioneer in the GCC in using “Blockchain” in the collection of value-added tax, “as this technology eliminates the role of intermediaries such as accounting companies or banks between the merchant and the government.” “Blockchain speeds up government access to tax revenues from the final consumer of the service or Item, and also accelerate the process of refunding the merchant and supplier of the tax”.