Bahrain: NBR releases guide on VAT Agent / VAT representative

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Bahrain- May 6, 2021:

National Bureau for Revenue (NBR) in Bahrain published a guide in April 2021 on VAT agent or VAT representative.

A VAT agent is a person who is authorized by the NBR to act as an agent on behalf of a VAT payer in his name and on his behalf in relation to the VAT payer’s compliance obligations. It is a voluntary appointment by the tax payer subject to the agent being authorized by NBR.

Non-resident VAT payers who are obliged to register for VAT in Bahrain have the option to appoint a VAT representative. A VAT representative replaces the VAT payer and becomes responsible for all the VAT payer’s obligations towards the NBR.

The VAT Agent / VAT Representative Guide provides guidance and further clarification to those who would like to become a VAT Agent or Representative in Bahrain and the the criteria that must be met. Any person who is interested in becoming a VAT agent or VAT representative should go through this Guide to understand the conditions and the procedure that must be followed.

The guide provides an overview of

  • The requirements for obtaining NBR’s approval for getting registered as VAT agent/representative.
  • Rules and procedures for VAT payer to appoint a VAT agent/representative.

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