Abu Dhabi’s DED closes 15 commercial facilities for price hike violations

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The Department of Economic Development, DED, in Abu Dhabi shut down 15 commercial facilities in the emirate during the month of January due to price hikes on goods.

Ahmed Tarish Al Qubaisi, Acting Director of the Commercial Protection Administration, said that the DED has conducted 98 campaigns, 50 of which were implemented in Abu Dhabi, 28 in Al Ain and 20 in the Al Dhafra Region. The campaigns focussed on the major points of sale and shops in the markets, which are visited by significant numbers of consumers to ensure that these facilities do not raise prices unjustifiably and that they implement VAT for the facilities that are registered in the tax system of the Federal Tax Authority.

He noted that a total of 3,520 inspections were conducted throughout January, 1,350 of which were in Abu Dhabi, 1,120 in Al Ain and 1,050 in Al Dhafra. As a result of these inspections, 85 tickets were issued, 47 of which were issued in Abu Dhabi, 34 in Al Ain, and 4 in Al Dhafra.

Al Qubaisi said that tickets were issued against those facilities that collected VAT without being registered in the tax system of the Federal Tax Authority and increased prices excessively for the period preceding the implementation of the tax by checking the previous bills. This is as per Item No. 77 of the Tickets Schedule in which it is stated that additional fees or services are imposed on the consumer unjustifiably, and Item No. 72 regarding the failure to adhere to the undertaking and the circulars presented by the DED or the instructions, conditions and controls issued by it.

Al Qubaisi called upon the consumers to contact the DED through the Contact Centre of the Abu Dhabi Government in case they detect any explicit violations in VAT implementation.