44% of UAE SMEs still unaware of automated VAT solutions

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It has been more than 17 months since the UAE introduced the value added tax (VAT) but 44 per cent of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) still perform their daily tasks manually for VAT records and filing returns as they are unaware of automated solutions, revealed a survey conducted by Tally Solution.

Vikas Panchal, business head for the Middle East at Tally Solutions, said that such a low level of awareness is due to a prevailing perception in the market that VAT-compliant business management software is for larger companies only.

“As a result, investment in such a software programme is relegated in the backseat, not knowing that giving it a priority is the key to ensuring correct VAT compliance. This is further compounded by limited understanding of VAT, resistant to change, and budget constraint,” said Panchal.

SMEs should consider it as an investment rather than expenses because committing mistakes while filing VAT returns can result in fines and penalties, he added.

The survey covered over 200 small and medium-sized businesses in the UAE.