How to file VAT returns in UAE?

MCA has shared a very comprehensive guide on  How to File VAT Returns. Refer to this Returns Filing page on our website for more details

What is the VAT on discounts and reductions?

The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) has said that the final reduced prices for goods on promotional offers must include the 5 percent Value Added Tax (VAT), which is to be calculated as included in the new price after reductions by the sales outlets or service providers themselves.

In a new awareness message issued today targeting consumers and service recipients in the UAE, the FTA said that in cases of discounts on regular sale prices, or during seasonal discounts and “buy one get one free” promotions, VAT must be included in the final amount to be paid after deduction includes VAT as per the reduced amount.

What is VAT all about?

Value Added Tax (or VAT) is an indirect tax. Occasionally you might also see it referred to as a type of general consumption tax. In a country which has a VAT, it is imposed on most supplies of goods and services that are bought and sold.
VAT is one of the most common types of consumption tax found around the world. Over 150 countries have implemented VAT (or its equivalent, Goods, and Services Tax), including all 29 European Union (EU) members, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, and Malaysia.
VAT is charged at each step of the ‘supply chain’. Ultimate consumers generally bear the VAT cost while Businesses collect and account for the tax, in a way acting as a tax collector on behalf of the government.
A business pays the government the tax that it collects from the customers while it may also receive a refund from the government on the tax that it has paid to its suppliers. The net result is that tax receipts to government reflect the ‘value add’ throughout the supply chain.
We can draw link to our animated explanation of VAT here

Will zero-rated supplies count for the registration threshold?

Yes, the taxable supplies including zero-rated supplies count for the registration threshold. However, note that it might be possible that some GCC member states will allow, under certain conditions, a company which only makes zero-rated supplies to be excluded from the mandatory registration on request. The UAE and KSA have indicated that they may allow such exclusions in certain cases.

Source: Deloitte

Which countries will implement VAT on 1 January ?

The issue of local laws in the KSA and United Arab Emirates (UAE) confirms earlier announcements by these countries that VAT will be introduced domestically in January 2018. It is unclear when the rest of the countries will implement currently but this is expected to progressively happen through 2018.

Source: Deloitte

Do you think that there will be much variance in application of the rules between member states?

There will be a level of variance in application of the rules across the GCC member states. Similar to the EU, there are some provisions which are compulsory, and others which are optional, and others where there is a choice to be made on treatment at a local level. How each member state approaches the implementation of these provisions is likely to depend on their individual policy settings, economy, etc.

Source: Deloitte

Can we ‘VAT group’ establishments in different GCC states?

We do not expect that it will be possible to ‘VAT group’ entities across GCC member states (e.g. grouping a KSA and a UAE entity), however, we do expect the majority of member states to adopt local VAT grouping provisions as best practice.

Source: Deloitte

Which supplies will be subject to standard rate?

The standard rate of 5% VAT will be applied across all six of the countries. This is expected to apply to substantially all of the domestic supplies made in the normal course of business.

Source: Deloitte

Where can I view more information about VAT in consumer business?

You may view the VAT Awareness presentation released by the MoF to provide information about the implementation of VAT in consumer business by clicking here.

Is there any document by the Government providing general information about VAT?

The MOF has released a document providing information about VAT, how it is implemented in the UAE and the role of the MOF.

You can download the document by clicking here.