What happens of an invoice is issued before VAT implementation and delivery happens after the implementation?

In such a scenario, according to Article 21, if an invoice is issued or payment is done before the implementation of VAT but the goods are delivered after the implementation date, then the VAT will be considered due. 

Where can I find additional information on the introduction of VAT?

More details on the introduction of VAT will be published in the coming months and GAZT will be conducting awareness campaigns for businesses and the public through the media and other channels. Please come back to this website to stay up to date with the latest news.

Where can I access the VAT Law?

The VAT law is currently being developed. An announcement will be made once the law has been adopted.

Why is VAT being introduced?

Saudi Arabia’s ambitious economic transformation strategy will be supported by the introduction of VAT, by helping to build an economy and the state budget with a reduced dependency on oil and gas revenues.

In addition, the GCC Unified Agreement for Value Added Tax is part of efforts across the region to support the diversification of government revenues. The introduction of VAT will create a new source of stable and predictable revenue for governments which can then be used to finance important public services.