• VAT in Bahrain

    VAT began in Bahrain from January 1, 2019


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  • MCA is now in Bahrain

    Bahrain VAT Advisory Services


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  • Tourist VAT Refund Scheme

    Registration Open Now Click Here


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  • MCA Guide for Filing VAT Returns

    Read our Step to Step Guide on Filing Returns Click Here

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  • Ask our VAT Expert

    VAT Experts from MCA will answer your question if you did not find an answer in our FAQ or on our site. Click Here

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  • File your VAT Returns on Time

    Check your VAT filing deadlines on the FTA portal

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  • What data does your Tax Invoice need?

    Tax Invoices require more details to be recorded than a simplified tax invoice. Do you know what data you need to include in your Invoices? Read more..


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